Duo Sports

Justin Mc Kenzie

Founder and Program Director- Justin has been playing as a licensed member in the International Federation of American Football for over 16 years, in the North and Latin American regions, as well as Europe and Oceania, with 20 championship appearances and 16 championships as a starting QB in 7countries . Additionally Justin has been a personal and sports performance trainer for over 20 years and has trained everyone from housewives to professional athletes. In addition to his training and playing career he launched a full uniform and apparel line as well as founded 3 American Football Leagues which run in the US, Mexico, and Central America.

Didier Valdez

Equipment Provider- Players or teams looking for new or used helmets or shoulder pads and accessories Didier is the man to contact, also teams needing helmets painted can also contact Didier as well.

Who We Are

Our History

Job Opportunities

Andrew Follins

General Manager- Andrew is the General Manager of the Thundercats American Football Club, in addition to his duties as GM and as a player in the US and Mexican leagues; Andrew also has experience playing professionally in Brazil and Costa Rica including winning the Costa Rican Super Bowl.

Our staff

2004 – 
Duo Sports was founded as a personal training and youth sports performance training company.
2006 – 
The Duo Sports American Football team debuted in an international even featuring teams from Canada and Mexico in San Diego, California
2009 – 
Duo Sports debuted in England marking the first international event hosted by Duo Sports facing the Sussex Thunder.
After 6 years in business hosted it's first domestic tournament between Duo Sports, New York,and Long Beach in a Tri-Cities tournament. Also marked the launch of the Duo Sports uniforms and apparel lines.
Duo Sports currently manages both the Super 8 and Pacific West Football League as well  as manufacture and ship uniforms worldwide

As a company founded by professional athletes we know the dedication and hard work needed to be successful in reaching your fitness goals as well as your athletic goals or the athletic goals of your children. With Duo Sports you will be instructed with top of the line training techniques that are specific to you goals, your sport, and your position.

In the department of uniforms and apparel we know every team has a vision of how they want to look on the field with Duo Sports it's our goal to bring that vision to life to the exact specifications your team wants.

Join the Duo Sports family and deliver world-class sports training, and plenty of fun, to young athletes. 


We’re currently looking for experienced coaches with a passion for teaching. We take pride in our coaching prowess, and hire only the best. Here are a few qualities we’re looking for:


  • 5+ years experience

  • Played yourself at the high school or college level

  • Great sportsmanship

  • Ability to motivate

  • Flexible hours

  • Ability to travel 25+ miles to and from event destinations


Please contact our office if you have questions about the hiring process. We will perform a background check on all applicants.